Hands of Destiny

Z. Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

I have had three Readings with Rhonda, in this past year, since my dear husband’s death,
Each time I have received VERY clear, accurate information on all aspects I have questioned on & other facts highly relevant & helpful to my life.
Rhonda also facilitated what to me felt like direct conversation with my deceased husband.
Each time I leave, I am uplifted and freshly able to move forward in my own existence here, with much more ease.
Compared to other clairvoyant Readings, Rhonda is accurately able to bring through all aspects of concerns & personal details to help positive forward motion.

Over time, her information from each Reading became more relevant & helpful, also, I have complicated business& family situations resulting from my husband’s death & I have been able to have very clear “business meetings”, through Rhonda’s accurate mediumship, directly with my husband.

This has saved me much angst & money!

I find Rhonda most accurate in every area. Relationship, money, health, travel, family etc. & recommend her for ANY concern on any level anyone may have.

In appreciation,


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