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Maree, Cotton Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

I have known Rhonda now for about four years. I have a reading once a year or when needed to just give me clarity so that I know I am on the right track. During those four years, I have gone through some extremely difficult and devastating situations, each of which Rhonda picked up on without me saying a word. Yes, and I mean that I didn’t say anything about certain situations but Rhonda, without fail always through spirit told me of my dilemma and again through spirit gave me a way to handle the situation at hand. I truly cannot say that I’d be in the same state if it wasn’t for Rhonda. Her readings did and still do give me clarity with whatever I am concerned about.

What amazed me the first time I met Rhonda was that she says something along the lines of in no way do I plan to hurt or upset you, I only act as the messenger for spirit. I believe with all my heart that Rhonda is the REAL DEAL, why? Because there is no way she could know the things she does, it is not possible, I mean, I have told no one of certain events and yet Rhonda will ask me almost point blank about the exact situation, I am going through. I still find this uncanny, although I do believe in her gift or connection with spirit. Rhonda truly lives what she portrays, a kind and caring person with the highest of integrity that I have seen in a human being for a long time. What I find interesting is that Rhonda likes you to bring clear photos or documents of situations that you are concerned about, but I have only ever done that twice, and yet her accuracy surpasses any clairvoyant or medium that I have ever seen even when I don’t take photos.

Sometimes we do not want to hear the truth and think maybe we can make ourselves feel better and see a clairvoyant, who tells us what we want to hear. Hmmm, that is not the case with Rhonda, she says it like it is, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak, (the horse being spirit). So all I can truly say is that if you REALLY want to gain insight into your life, situation, family and loved ones, then I totally recommend Rhonda, but as I have said earlier, she repeats what she is told from spirit, so be warned sometimes the truth hurts, is confronting and totally gut wrenching in some instances, but I also know that Rhonda will help lead you to where you need to travel, down that path we call life, and hopefully the way to happiness, as she has for me.

I cannot recommend Rhonda enough, and I have thanked my friend who introduced me to Rhonda, more than once, due to the enormity of the help that Rhonda has given me. Go on take the first step, the scariest step and contact Rhonda, I know you won’t regret it, I never have, it has done the opposite, although my world was falling apart, Rhonda’s guidance from spirit and her kindness from her heart has been a part of me being where I am today- HAPPY.

Thanks Rhonda, I am forever grateful x