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Natalie, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I was referred to Rhonda by a friend who has spoken to Rhonda on a couple of occasions. I have spoken with clairvoyants before (twice in my life) and although both of them said a lot of stuff, not much of it has come true, however, a lot of the stuff seems like stuff that will happen to me later in life more so then now (so who`s to say!) My partner and I have recently had a very bad trot with our relationship and we broke up four days before Rhonda and I spoke, so as you could imagine I was devastated and thought it`s over this time for good. As we have been through the breaks and breakups before and it was just never the same when we got back together! I had spiralled into a very low place in the four days since my partner and I split up, to the point where I thought, is it even worth me calling Rhonda, I can’t possibly see what she will have to say to me that will be of any benefit because either way I will probably not be happy with the outcome.

However, I chose to go ahead with my reading and I was really nervous when I called Rhonda, I didn`t expect it to be at all what it was. From the first minute I spoke to her she calmed my nerves and gave me hope that whatever she said was going to be of benefit to me. She started out with some information about my grandparents which I had always known deep down would probably be the case, but sadly it looks like a reality now. She then spent the rest of our time mainly talking about my broken relationship but how it wasn`t over and he will come back, in the meantime though I will learn to be a stronger person. She also said that someone else will come along and then I will be faced with a decision of who I choose when my partner does decide to come back! She hit the nail on the head with everything she had to say about him, his family and mine, and she told me the things that I really needed to hear, (That my future is bright and that all the things I hoped and dreamed for are on their way for me and it will be sooner than I expected). After getting off the phone from Rhonda, I felt amazing, I thought, even if nothing she said comes true (which I know it will ) she has given me the confidence to work on bettering myself and being the person I’ve always want to be, and that before long I will be truly happy.

I think the confidence boost and the disappearance of my anxiety is a huge testament to Rhonda’s wonderful work. I have never been able to shake my anxiety in the past and the time I spent with Rhonda saw it vanish from sight! I had a very low self confidence and self esteem after my partner had been to see a clairvoyant a few weeks prior to our breakup, and this women basically defamed me and said how terrible a person I was, so as you could imagine I was hurt, devastated and starting to believe that maybe I was that person. Rhonda told me that none of that was true, and reassured me of the person I am and have always thought I was. I believe Rhonda has a gift and she knows her stuff. Right now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the depressive state I was in, is all but gone. I Thank-you Rhonda for that alone, but the wonderful messages you’ve filled me with for my future has me believing that I am a very lucky girl and sooner rather than later, I will achieve the things in life I had set out too and I will be very happy.

I highly recommend Rhonda to all that might need healing or just want and insight into what`s to come in their future. I will definitely keep Rhonda posted on what`s to come for me and let her know when things she has predicted for me come true!

Wishing you all the love, luck and happiness in the world Rhonda.